Il Makiage relaunched in the US with a bold, unapologetic message and the brand slogan ”Makeup for Maximalists.” Our challenge was to create a follow-up campaign with an even bolder message.

The last couple of years, there has been a strong “natural” trend in the world of makeup, a trend where Il Makiage doesn’t fit in. But shouldn’t natural be when you feel most like yourself?

In this campaign, Il Makiage questions and redefines what natural means.

Copywriter: Johanna Rättzen, Maiken Krohn

Art Direction: Karolina Edgren, Martine Colloredo-Mansfeld

Styling & Make-up: Martine Colloredo-Mansfeld

Created for the Young Ones 2019


finalfinal_billboards Il Makiage-04.jpg
finalfinal_billboards Il Makiage-01.jpg
finalfinal_billboards Il Makiage-02.jpg
finalfinal_billboards Il Makiage-03.jpg