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There’s  an “Orgasm Gap” in society. Talking about female pleasure and 

sexual wellness is considered a taboo which increases inequality between genders.



In order to break a taboo we need to talk about it.



Introducing the Climax Change, we want to encourage Teen Vogue readers to talk 

about their sexual wellness and pleasure and by doing so close the Gap.

Copywriter: Karolina Lang

Art Direction: Martine Colloredo-Mansfeld


Climax Change x Teen Vogue

Closing the ’orgasm gap’ gives women a better economic outcome, improved health, and higher self-esteem. 

We created an interview series for Teen Vogue’s Youtube channel where young women share their experience and thoughts on sexual wellness and sexual pleasure. 
This is a safe environment for young women to express themselves, relate to one another, and to speak openly about the gap we want to close.


Climax Walk + Climax Talk

Teen Vogue + The Case For Her will organize a walk to highlight The Orgasm Gap on International Women's Day 2021. After the walk is complete, a 

Climax Change Event will take place at 5 pm in Bryant Park, New York City. 


Female influencers and social activists will be bringing the Climax Change talk from Teen Vogue's YouTube Channel to center stage. Hopefully, inspire others to speak up and continue fighting for equality in all areas of life. 


Climax Change Cards

To open up the conversation with your partner about pleasure. We created these Climax Cards to make things easier to tell your partner what you want. 


Climax Merch
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